NEW radiant & hydronic PRODUCTS

the latest products to hit the Radiant & hydronic market so far in 2023.

Union connection

The Posi-Stop incorporates an embedded O-ring into a product's union connection. This advanced design results in a superior seal, period, the company says. When the union nut is tightened, an EPDM O-ring seal compresses to a precise value with a positive metal-to-metal stop. The result? A field-proven, reliable seal connection. Posi-Stop simplifies serviceability. Remove, service, and reinstall the valve with the SAME union connections. Pneumatically test systems with air to identify leaks before putting the system into operation. Look for the Posi-Stop logo on Caleffi products.

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Circulator pumps

Introducing the next generation of circulators: the Grundfos DigitalNEXT range, featuring the digital ALPHA 15-58 and UPSe 15-58. Cutting-edge technology and intuitive features redefine efficiency and deliver unmatched performance with the industry’s highest energy rating: 193, the company says. With the ability to replace 90% of installed small circulators in the market, Grundfos DigitalNEXT technology takes residential heating to a new level. For optimal energy usage, the ALPHA boasts intelligent control, remote monitoring capabilities and guided commissioning. The UPSe ensures exceptional performance and reliability in even the most demanding environments. Upgrade to Grundfos DigitalNEXT pumps to embrace the future of residential heating.


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Fire tube boiler

The FTXL boiler is the new 98% efficiency standard in fire tube technology, and it puts remote connectivity at your fingertips, the company says. The FTXL boiler also has a compact footprint of just 6.2 square feet. With five models from 399,999 to 850,000 Btu/h, the FTXL features up to 10:1 turndown ratio with flow rates from 10 to 150 gpm. It also features Lochinvar’s SMART SYSTEM Operating Control and CON•X•US Remote Connect Capable.


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Smart control system

MrPEX’s Integrated Dynamic Control (IDC) is a PC-based intelligent control system which delivers optimized comfort and maximized efficiency by coordinating HVAC, indoor air quality (IAQ) and hydronic systems in one control. The IDC System allows remote access from anywhere in the world for monitoring, managing and controlling via the web using any web-enabled device such as a computer, smart-phone or tablet.


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Electric boiler

The NextGen Boiler is a hydronic appliance that when installed, allows the homeowner to have peace of mind about their radiant heat applications. The boiler is engineered with all components in one modulating plug-and-play unit, enabling the contractor to perform a consistent and professional installation for radiant heating applications.

NextGen Boiler

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