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Classified: NIST

Call for contributing editors for ACerS-NIST Phase Equilibria Diagrams Program

Professors, researchers, retirees, post-docs, and graduate students …

The general editors of the reference series Phase Equilibria Diagrams (in italics) are in need of individuals from the ceramics community to critically evaluate published articles containing phase equilibria diagrams. Additional contributing editors are needed to edit new phase diagrams and write short commentaries to accompany each phase diagram being added to the reference series. Especially needed are persons knowledgeable in foreign languages including German, French, Russian, Azerbaijani, Chinese, and Japanese.


The Contributing Editor's name will be given at the end of each PED Figure that is published.


Understanding of the Gibbs phase rule and experimental procedures for determination of phase equilibria diagrams and/or knowledge of theoretical methods to calculate phase diagrams.

Compensation for papers covering one chemical system:

$150 for the first commentary, plus $10 for each diagram.

Compensation for papers covering multiple chemical systems:

$150 for the first commentary, plus $10 for each diagram.

$50 for each additional commentary, plus $10 for each diagram.

For details please contact:

Kimberly Hill
NIST MS 8520
Gaithersburg, MD 20899, USA
Ph: 301-975-6099