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Introducing the NEW Ty-Rap® TyGenic™ Antimicrobial & Detectable Cable Tie

A break-through fastening solution for contamination-sensitive environments.

Why is food safety so important to Food & Beverage Manufacturers?

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Consumers trust that the products they purchase are safe to ingest

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Food & Beverage employees count on a safe work environment being provided

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Food & beverage recalls can:

  • Cost millions of dollars
  • Result in loss of market share
  • Damage brand reputation
  • Expose to risk of criminal liability
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effective in prohibiting microbes

Standard cable tie compared to Ty-Rap TyGenic tie after

24 hours of exposure to bacteria

Proven to be more than 99% effective in prohibiting common surface microbes from forming on the cable tie as tested by independent laboratory.

Antimicrobial properties last for the life of the tie under normal use conditions.

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by X-ray, visual and metal detection

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X-ray detection — detectable cable ties display a differential of between 200 and  2000 on the x-ray gray scale.

Visual detection — visual detection systems detect surface irregularities and volume changes.

Metal detection — detectable by nearly every metal detector in service today.

Deep blue color for easy visual detection

Blue is not a color naturally occurring in food products.

The Grip of Steel

provides a secure lock

Offers all the superior performance advantages of the standard Ty-Rap cable ties including “The Grip of Steel” stainless steel locking device.


More product safety features:

  • Designed with UV-resistant material for operating temperatures up to 85 °C (185 °F).
  • UL recognized and RoHS Compliant.
  • Made from FDA-compliant, silver-free, proprietary nylon resin blend. Patent pending.
  • Ty-Rap cable tie application tool adds another level of safety for ease of installation.
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Ty-Rap TyGenic antimicrobial detectable cable ties

Ordering Information

Ty-Rap cable tie application tool

Handheld power drill, Pneumatic tool, Rivet gun
Fasteners are found at every stage of processing and handling throughout food and beverage facilities. Now customers for whom cleanliness and product safety are top concerns have two fewer things to worry about.

Ty-Rap TyGenic antimicrobial detectable cable ties are part of the Ty-Rap high performance cable tie family.



Antimicrobial and detectable material considerations in contamination-sensitive production environments.

Ty-Rap TyGenic antimicrobial
detectable cable ties.

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