Meet the
award-winning HANI Clamp-on Temperature Sensor

Meet the award-winning HANI Clamp-on Temperature Sensor

Meet the award-winning

HANI Clamp-on Temperature Sensor

Our latest innovation for the food processing industry

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Temperature sensor scene
Temperature sensor scene

HANI Clamp on Temperature Sensor is an innovative technology bringing the performance of an invasive sensor to a surface mount application.

Monitor the temperature of in-pipe fluid media in your process piping system with our new HANI (High Accuracy Non-Invasive) Clamp Sensor. Easy-to-install with zero downtime, this sensor is a game-changing product for temperature measurement and control.

Get the accuracy of invasive immersion sensors without any of the installation or sensor relocation challenges. Measuring in-pipe fluid temperature has never been easier!

Mounts like a surface sensor, performs like an invasive sensor.

Installs in seconds...

Installation Step 1 - Clamp onto pipe
Installation Step 2 - Connect cable to output device
Installation Step 3 - Start temperature reading


Clamp onto pipe


Connect cable to output device


Start temperature reading


  • Performs like an invasive sensor
  • ±0.9°F (±0.5°C) accuracy
  • t(63) 5 sec or t(90) 10 sec response time

See the visual!

High accuracy and fast response times

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Non-invasive, non-contact temperature measurement

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  • No contamination risk
  • No risk of sensor buildup and drift


Ease of installation and relocation: install HANI in seconds

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  • Mounts like a surface sensor in <30 seconds
  • No cuts or welding needed
  • No down time or production halts
Response time chart

Temperature (ºC)

Time (seconds)

Response Time Curve

HANI Clamp Sensor

Invasive In-Pipe-Sensor

Typical Surface Sensor

3 Benefits to HANI Clamp on Temperature Sensor

Temperature sensor scene

Customer Testimonials

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Saucy Brew Works prefers HANI over invasive sensors for many reasons including the ease of installation and relocating the sensor, fast response time, and no risk of turbulence or contamination around the sensor.

Hear how Saucy Brew Works used HANI to improve their brewing process:

Saucy Brew Works testimonial screenshot

Rutgers Food Innovation Center previously used invasive sensors in their manufacturing process, and spent thousands of dollars (and lost 2 days) to move their sensor to a more optimal spot. They then replaced their invasive sensors with the HANI Clamp-on Temperature Sensor, saving them time and money and losing nothing in terms of accuracy or response time.

Hear it for yourself:

Rutgers Food Innovation Center Testimonial Screenshot

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