Safe Passage

When adding additional lines to your plant, it's almost inevitable that at some point, you have to cross existing machines, walkways, storage, or other crowded areas. This was no different for a well known, socially conscious, ice cream giant. Luckily, the unique Portal-ONE from AmbaFlex came to the rescue of everyone's favorite flavored ice.

Ben  Jerrys factory

In this particular case, the small carton jars full of delicious ice had to cross a busy walkway meant for both people and supplies. The new line had no other way but to go but up. One of the problems when you go up though, is that you need space for your incline conveyors to reach the height while keeping it at a safe inclination.But even for spirals, there are challenges when creating a portal functionality. Generic solutions have transfers on both ends of the connection bridge high in the air to connect both the upward and downward machine. Especially for primary packed products, this can be troublesome as products may topple over. Or even worse, fall down and potentially harm a person walking underneath.

Ben  Jerrys Factory

Watch AmbaFlex's Portal-ONE in action. See Ben & Jerry's LinkedIn post for a video of its factory tour.

AmbaFlex solved these issues with the patented Portal-ONE solution. Connecting both spirals and the connection bridge with the same belt. This means no extra transfers in high places. This results in a safe and efficient solution while maintaining the required high throughput.

One more proof of AmbaFlex’s leading position in Spiral Conveyor Solutions!

courtesy of AmbaFlex

courtesy of Ben & Jerry's LinkedIn post

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