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AmbaFlex -Celebrating 25 Years
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::: Celebrating 25 Years – “One Winding at a Time!”

From AmbaFlex: With the ever-increasing demand for efficient and innovative solutions, AmbaFlex continues to expand in all regions, both in manufacturing and R&D capacity. Our latest project in Canton, OH will add a new 50,000 sqft facility to the already existing plant, ensuring it's ready to deliver for many years to come.

::: Quintuple the Cheesiness

From AmbaFlex: An American multinational confectionery, food, and beverage company faced a challenge transporting cheese coming from numerous separate production lines into a single packaging machine on a different level.

::: 3 Packaging Trends for 2022

From Packaging Strategies: Packaging trends are a little like reincarnation — they keep getting reborn, again and again. Each time, though, evolving with more sophistication and promise.

::: Safe Passage

From AmbaFlex: When adding additional lines to your plant, it's almost inevitable that at some point, you have to cross existing machines, walkways, storage, or other crowded areas. This was no different for a well known, socially conscious, ice cream giant. Luckily, the unique Portal-ONE from AmbaFlex came to the rescue of everyone's favorite flavored ice.

::: Are We Losing Technical Expertise?

From Packaging Strategies: I’ve always said we packaging engineers were the ultimate plate spinners. It takes a dynamic set of skills. And yes, it’s an ever-shifting balancing act.

::: Keeping it Fresh and Dynamic

From AmbaFlex: The 'Ready meals' formula, meals that are freshly made and packaged in plastic containers, is rapidly gaining in popularity. A producer of these types of foods hailing from the USA currently has three production lines operational which are all working at maximum capacity. Because of the increase in demand, it looked like the company needed to invest heavily in a 4th production line just to keep up. Fortunately, they found out there were still some options left in regards to optimizing the efficiency of their existing lines.

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