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Suburban Collection Showplace in Novi, Mich.

APRIL 30–MAY 1, 2024

Founding partner

Ceramics Expo stands as the foremost gathering in North America for professionals in the advanced ceramics and glass industry. Every year, this event draws engineers, decision-makers, and buyers to exchange technical insights, explore real-world case studies, access leading-edge technologies and materials, and stay abreast of the latest industry developments.

Michigan—the home of the industry

Manufacturing is in Michigan’s DNA. The state combines 100+ years of rich manufacturing heritage with a high-tech innovative vision. And that is just one of the reasons all the big manufacturing industries call The Great Lakes State their “home.”

If you are involved in high-tech industries, such as automotive, semiconductors, engineering, aerospace, or defense, then Ceramics Expo in Novi, Mich., is the place for you to do business!

“We are thrilled to return to Michigan for 2024, and we eagerly anticipate the return of industry leaders, innovators, and key decision-makers for our ninth year. Reaffirming our commitment to enhancing high-tech manufacturing sectors, we are excited to bring together suppliers and manufacturers of ceramic engineering solutions and technical experts from the electronics, semiconductors, advanced manufacturing, automotive & mobility, aerospace & defense, and medical device manufacturing industries.”

–Ipek Saltik, exhibition director and manager

What to expect

Advanced ceramics and thermal management play a central role in driving innovation across vital sectors such as electronics, semiconductors, medical devices, aerospace and defense, electric vehicles/batteries, and general industrial applications. Government policies and advancements in manufacturing techniques are further propelling these industries forward.

Our carefully curated conference program brings you two days of thought-provoking, innovative, and game-changing content. No matter where you sit on the supply chain, our speakers will address topics applicable to the development of various high-tech manufacturing sectors.

Topics for 2024 include: Innovation in ceramic materials, 3D printing, supply chain sustainability, piezoelectric ceramics, workforce and talent development, advanced ceramic innovations in aerospace and electronics, and next-generation solid-state batteries.

Visitors can register for a free pass that grants entry to the exhibition area, where exhibitors will spotlight the newest advancements and technologies shaping the future of advanced ceramics. The entire supply chain will be represented, with notable companies such as ERG Aerospace, Fiven, GeoCorp, ALTEO, McDanel, Bosch, Rath, Schott, and American Elements.

What's in it for me?

  • Connect and collaborate: Forge new connections and partnerships
  • Face-to-face meetings: Connect with engineers, decision makers, end-user original equipment manufacturers, and suppliers
  • Learn from the experts: Gain insights and knowledge from high-profile individuals
  • Cost-efficiency: Explore solutions to reduce costs and accelerate your time to market
  • Discover the latest technology: Streamline your sourcing process
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Agenda at a glance*

Gain crucial insight into the most pressing trends, challenges, and innovations influencing the use of advanced ceramics.

Day 1 – Tuesday, April 30


  • Ceramics Driving Aerospace Innovation
  • Surveying the Ceramics Supply Chain—From Reshoring to Sustainability
  • Ceramics in Next-Generation Solid-State Batteries
  • 3D Printing with Hydroxyapatite

Day 2 – Wednesday, May 1


  • Solving the Workforce and Talent Development Crisis in Ceramics and Glass
  • Innovation in Ceramic Materials for Microelectronics
  • Manufacturing Advanced Ceramic Parts for Aerospace and Electronics
  • Piezoelectric Ceramics—From Bulk to Thin Film and BTO

*Correct at time of publishing. Visit ceramicsexpousa.com for live information.