April 2024 • Vol. 103, No. 3

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Ceramic crucibles: Market drivers and novel developments in molten metal processing

A new generation of novel ceramic crucibles meet the performance needs of extreme processing environments while remaining reasonably priced.

by Rehan Afzal and Keith J. DeCarlo

High-performance ProCaster ceramic crucibles by Blasch Precision Ceramics
3D-printed ceramic casting core background

3D-printed ceramics in investment casting: Rewriting the rules for efficient casting core production

Harnessing Lithoz’s ultraprecise lithography-based ceramic manufacturing 3D printing technology to fabricate ceramic casting cores allows for the creation of precise and complex metal components for aerospace applications.

by Alice Elt and Peter Schneider

rocket traveling across the sky

Advancing a new era for aerospace: Ultrahigh-density carbon–carbon composites through safe and affordable FAST processing

Field assisted sintering technology developed by materials research and development company MATECH produces a new class of ultrahigh-density carbon–carbon composites for next-generation aerospace applications.

by Edward J. A. Pope


When smaller is better: The promise of nanomaterials

The promise of nanotechnology has started to materialize in many industrial sectors, but challenges remain in converting research lab findings to scaled-up commercial production.

by David Holthaus

Nanomaterial sample from reactor
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Nanoparticles will change the world, but whether it is for the better depends on decisions made now

Nanotechnologies that change the world for the better require coordinating science and ethics to shape how they are used and controlled long after they are created.

by Kristin Omberg

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Looking to the past and the future of NIOSH nanotechnology guidance

As the NIOSH Nanotechnology Research Center (NTRC) celebrates its 20th anniversary, NTRC personnel Jay Vietas and Lilia Chen look back over two decades of NIOSH NTRC published guidance to help reduce worker exposures to engineered nanomaterials.

by Jay Vietas and Lilia Chen

NIOSH guidance infographic
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Industry Perspectives

AACCM: Expanding the market for manufactured ceramic components • by Doug Thurman

Business and Market View

Global abrasive market: Materials, products, and applications • by BCC Publishing Staff

Journal Highlights

Ceramics to improve manufacturing • by Jonathon Foreman

Deciphering the Discipline

MAX phases: Opening new doorways with machinable ceramics • by Miloš Dujović

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High-performance ProCaster ceramic crucibles by Blasch Precision Ceramics. These crucibles are engineered for coreless induction furnaces up to 5,000-pound capacity. Credit: Blasch Precision Ceramics