June/July 2023 • Vol. 102, No. 5

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Deform to perform: Dislocation-tuned properties of ceramics

Engineering dislocations into ceramics paves the road to harness versatile, unexpected functional and mechanical properties, which may open a new era for dislocation-based ceramic technologies.

by Xufei Fang, Atsutomo Nakamura, and Jürgen Rödel

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Decoding the structural genome of silicate glasses

This research demonstrates how the modeling technique of force-enhanced atomic refinement can be used to unveil the 3D structure of silicate glasses.

by Qi Zhou, Mathieu Bauchy, and Ying Shi

Decoding the structural genome

Student perspectives

The impermanent nature of life as a student imparts the necessity of an effective community.

Articles by Fox Thorpe, PCSA chair; Yolanda Natividad; Benazir Fazlioglu-Yalcin; Luz Gomez; Randi Swanson; Cassondra Brayfield; Arturo Meza; and Salma El-Azab

Student authors


Weathering the storm: How manufacturers are coping with volatile energy costs

With the memory of last year’s spikes in energy costs still fresh, manufacturing leaders are taking steps to improve their energy resiliency.

by David Holthaus

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Can decentralized energy get good enough, fast enough?

Decentralized energy has been talked about for decades, but real progress is starting to be made as markets seek to rapidly integrate more renewables and improve grid flexibility.

by Arnaud de Giovanni and Ben Warren

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A nanoceramic approach to the climate crisis and carbon reduction

Current construction materials do not hold up to the extreme weather patterns that the world is now experiencing. California-based NanoArchitech’s cementitious nanoceramic coatings and composites can help buildings withstand the challenges that are threatening the built environment.

by Jan Thoren

Bridge walls cured in less than two hours
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Business and Market View

Waste heat to power: Global market outlook • by BCC Publishing Staff


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