June/July 2024 • Vol. 103, No. 5

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Engineering SiC quantum systems through precision implantation and analysis

Silicon carbide holds much promise as a platform for quantum systems. New research at Argonne and Sandia National Laboratories unlocks this potential through precision engineering and analysis.

by Nazar Delegan

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novel diamond widefield quantum sensing setup with neuromorphic vision sensors

Enhancing widefield quantum sensing with novel neuromorphic vision sensors

A novel method of performing widefield quantum sensing using neuromorphic vision sensors may pave the way to further advance the field of quantum sensing.

by Madhav Gupta and Zhiqin Chu


Evolving the lever rule: Short-range order configuration modeling of zinc borate glasses

This research describes the development of a modified modeling tool to reveal the short-range order of the binary zinc borate glass system.

by Brian Topper, Doris Möncke, and Christos Varsamis


Building your business: Effective strategies to ignite growth

From expanding into new markets to investing in innovation, companies rely on several strategies to ignite growth in their businesses.

by David Holthaus

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Empowering the US workforce through state-specific initiatives

This article overviews the workforce development programs in each U.S. state to ensure domestic workers remain competitive.

by David Holthaus

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Looking to the past and the future of NIOSH nanotechnology guidance

As the NIOSH Nanotechnology Research Center (NTRC) celebrates its 20th anniversary, NTRC personnel Jay Vietas and Lilia Chen look back over two decades of NIOSH NTRC published guidance to help reduce worker exposures to engineered nanomaterials.

by Jan Vietas and Lilia Chen

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Letter to Students

The importance of education outreach to a fulfilling career • by David W. Richerson

Business and Market View

Electronic chemicals and materials: The global market • by BCC Publishing Staff

Journal Highlights

Early career research in ceramics and glass • by Jonathon Foreman


ACerS meeting highlights

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A chalcogenide glass billet, resting on the stand in the bottom left, is opaque under visible light but is transparent when viewed in the infrared, as shown on the screen in the top right. Credit: J. David Musgraves